What is the iStraight Hybrid?

What is the iStraight Hybrid?

Hybrid iStraight System Technique

What is the iStraight System Hybrid Technique


The Hybrid iStraight System Technique is an alternative way to getting smoother hair for specific cases especially for clients with damaged hair (streaks of highlights/damaged hair).

Hybrid iStraight System is the first of its kind. By hybridizing the iStraight System (Japanese Straightening/Thermal Reconditioning) and iStraight Keratin System (Brazilian Keratin).

The most sought out services, now you can have the best of both worlds: Permanently Straight hair with the silky effects of the Keratin Treatment! “Permanent Brazilian” is what some clients are calling it. Some stylists use the Hybrid technique to finish the iStraight System service faster since it saves them about 45 minutes.

The ideal clients for Hybrid technique works pretty much for client and it also does a great job for clients with streaks of highlights and keeps the hair-ends smoother (more conditioned).  To see how its done, watch 3-minute video

When to use the Hybrid iStraight Hair Technique: when more volume is desired. Some clients want more volume and feel that the Japanese Straightening (iStraight System) makes the hair too flat.

What to expect for the Hybrid iStraight System Service.

1. Consultation.
2. Shampoo and blow dry 50%.
3. Application of iStraight Straightening Cream (to soften hair bonds).
4. Rinse and towel dry.
5. Application of the iStraight Keratin.
6. Blow dry and Flat Iron, done.

The iStraight Hybrid method can be very beneficial for clients who repeatedly get Thermal Reconditioning on their hair. A common complaint for such clients is that after the 3rd or 4th straightening, the ends can sometimes feel dry and frizzy. To avoid this issue, they can opt for the Hybrid as the stylist will apply the straightening cream only on the new growth and will finish the whole head with the keratin treatment. This allows for a healthier texture from root to end and best of all, less time spent at the salon.


For more info or to purchase the iStraight System Hybrid Technique, call us.

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